Just a quick post to say Hello!

Hi from Lovetug, my name is Milly Hine, this beautiful view of the sunrise peeping through the grass trees, was taken from the hill on the property where I live with my wonderful partner Tony. This is one of many “God Spots” I have found, (this one just happens to be where I am lucky enough to live) you know the kind of place that just opens up your soul, and it flies and you find it easier to connect to the wonders of the universe we live in and leaves you questioning the creator of it all!

I call this my soul space, where I am free to explore totally who I am and allows me the freedom to explore my relationship with God, the Father & Mother of my soul. I feel closer to God here, and in this space I find it easier to form a natural relationship with her.

Lovetug, was coined from a seminar talk from Jesus & Mary from www.divinetruth.com in a seminar on Prayer, at Murgon recently in June 2013.  Jesus described in imagery the love “tug” imagining a little child (you) reaching up and holding onto that bit of God’s shirt, and God’s feelings towards you, his child wanting to just give love, and wanting Love from God……How’s the tug on your heart, when a little child does this to you!  Well that has stayed with me inspiring me since!